Each student is different, and every Student Loan is different too. To address this, Jubilee Student Loan Education provides several different program levels to best fit the needs of your spesific loan status. No matter the situation, if you qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness, we have you covered! 

IMPORTANT: Make sure to obtain your FSA ID at least two days prior to the date you selected for your one-on-one session, in some cases there can be a 48 hour waiting period.


The Essentials Program is for those who have already started the student loan forgiveness process and have at least a decent understanding of their qualifications and where they are. Utilize the your members-only content to answer any remaining questions and enjoy a quick one-on-one with one of our advisors where we will check on your stats and provide recommendations going forward.


Our Standard Program is purposed for those who are just getting started and have no or little understanding of the student loan forgiveness process and have yet to start. Take full advantage of our carefully curated members-only education content that will prepare you for a full one-hour appointment with one of our Certified Student Loan Professionals. This program is highly recommended to newcomers!


Advanced education is provided for those who have financial issues with their student loans and lenders. If you are in default, your wages are being garnished or are having major financial problems, this is your program. Take advantage of members-only resources to answer your immediate questions and prep for an up to two-hour intensive appointment with a Certified Student Loan Professional.

Trust a guarantee

Those who enroll in our programs will receive the benefit our 100% money back guarantee. If you feel as though you didn’t get the education you needed or we couldn’t help you qualify for student loan forgiveness, plain and simple, you get your money back.

qUALIFIED advisors

All of our advisors are well-versed and trained on all things pertaining to student loans. Each advisor has also obtained a Certified Student Loan Professional endorsment. We truly are the experts on student loan forgiveness.

Contact Us

Student loan forgiveness is a tricky subject. We understand that you probably have some great questions for us. Please feel free to fill out the form or reach out to us by phone at 833.LOAN.EDU or by email at info@jubileesle.org. We can’t wait to hear from you!  
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