A portion of our revenue from providing help with student loans is directed to a scholarship fund to be awarded to our members on a need basis as determined by our board of directors. After enrollment we will fully refund your tuition if during your one-on-one we deem you to be in need of assistence. These funds are also used for partner charity projects in the community. If you have been positively impacted by our organization or just believe in our cause, please consider donating to the scholarship fund TODAY!


Over 44.7 million Americans have a combined debt of $1.56 trillion. That works out to a total of $34,900 in student loan debt for each borrower. Roughly 5.1 million of these borrowers are 90 delinquent or are already in default on their loans.

To make these numbers even more staggering, a 2018 GAO report reveals that 99% of Public Sector Employees who applied for loan forgiveness were denied. Jubilee Student Loan Forgiveness is determined to change these statistics and help borrowers fully utilize and qualify for the programs that are available to them without ANY of the hassle. We can assure borrowers that qualified members WILL have their forgiveness approved!


Our Mission

Jubilee Student Loan Education a designated 501c3 non-profit driven to provide student loan borrowers relief from crippling debt through education and hands-on guidance through the student loan forgiveness process. We offer these services at an extreme discount as a means to provide an suolution without a price barrier.

Our Values

Plain and simple, we believe in the power of education and not having to sacrifice your financial future in order to get it. New college grads are coming out with massive amounts of debt due to rises in tuition and other expenses. We are here to combat this viscous cycle that is plaguing our economy. We are determined to help borrowers become unburdened!


Founder – CEO – Certified Student Loan Professional

Our founder, Michael Stevens got his start with a bachelors degree in Economics with honors from the University of Flordia, then later on attended MIT where he recieved his MS in Finance. Since then Michael has been a Chartered Financial Analyst for over 35 years and has gone on to help thousands of people gain financial freedom and grow wealth. The reason behind starting this organization is to help thoes who simply cant afford the cost and time investment involved with some financial assistence programs. Jubilee is purposed not just to do the heavy lifting, but rather to educate and guide members through the entire process, educating you on all the facets of maintaining a positive financial future.

Contact Us

Student loan forgiveness is a tricky subject. We understand that you probably have some great questions for us. Please feel free to fill out the form or reach out to us phone at 833.LOAN.EDU or by email at info@jubileesle.org.

We can’t wait to hear form you!

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